A Vision Of Panorama – Fusion To Illusion (Star Creature US) LP


For those seeking a musical experience reminiscent of the iconic Larry Heard, Ron Trent & Kerri Chandler, delving into the enchanting sounds of A Vision Of Panorama is a journey well worth taking. A Vision Of Panorama, much like Mr. Fingers, has mastered the art of crafting immersive and soulful electronic compositions. The latest release from A Vision Of Panorama invites you into a sonic realm where lush melodies, dreamy textures, and intricate rhythms coalesce to create an atmosphere of pure musical bliss.

In a landscape where electronic music continually evolves, A Vision Of Panorama stands out as an artist who skillfully pays homage to the timeless vibes of classic deep house while adding a contemporary touches of forward thinking smooth and Balearic jazz. The fusion of classic house elements with a futuristic flair makes A Vision Of Panorama the closest thing available to the legends that precede. If you are a fan of the deep house icons but are eager to explore a contemporary artist who carries the torch with finesse, immersing yourself in the captivating sounds of A Vision Of Panorama is a decision that promises a sonic journey filled with depth, emotion, and sheer musical brilliance.

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1.Fusion To Illusion 05:04


2.Piano Sunset 04:31


3.Imagery 04:18


4. Blue Water 03:20


5.Lost In Palms 05:02


6. The Crossing 04:33


7.Sensitive 04:06


8. Outro 03:07

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