Jimmy Radcliffe / Tobi Legend / Dean Parrish – Wigan Casino Three Before Eight (Outta Sight) 7″


As WIGAN CASINO celebrates its 50th Anniversary you may be forgiven for thinking that those hallowed All-Nighters are but a fading memory from a time passed by. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The impact that it had on the thousands that attended the regular Saturday night gatherings was profound. The spirit of the Casino lives on in the hearts and souls of the faithful and is honoured by the multitude of Soul Nights, All-Nighters, All-Dayers and Weekenders up and down the country throughout the years. Gone, but not forgotten! The term “Northern Soul” was coined a few years before the inaugural All-Nighter at Wigan Casino – 23rd September, 1973 – but it certainly came of age during its unprecedented eight year reign. It is also encapsulated in the three songs featured here that, collectively, became known as the “Three Before Eight”. The last three records played every Sunday morning, signalling the end of the all-night session. This special edition anniversary release features all three legendary tracks, and for the first time, sequenced in the same running order as they were played.

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A. Jimmy Radcliffe – Long After Tonight Is All Over


B1. Tobi Legend – Time Will Pass You By


B2. Dean Parrish – I’m On My Way

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