The Ballistic Brothers – Blacker (Acid Jazz) 7″



Everyone needs a copy of this in their life, awesome moment from 1994. The flip is great too.


If you were part of a clubbing tribe in 1994 – any clubbing tribe – you will have
danced to this astounding track. A track on a mysterious 12-inch that no-one
could quite work out if it was a 12-inch single of a cheaply packaged album (it
was in effect a 12 inch EP), but in the end it didn’t matter. It provided any DJ
with a guaranteed dance-floor winner. A sly mix of beats and samples, it is
nothing short of an anthem, and with the full co-operation of the group, it is
now available for the first time as a 7-inch single. The flip is the previously
album-only favourite ‘Cubafro Con Amigos’.

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A: The Ballistic Brothers – Blacker


B: The Ballistic Brothers – Cubafro Con Amigos

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