Privacy Policy

Our policy
45-rpm takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. We’ll treat your data with respect. We’ll only collect information in order to fulfil customer orders and provide you with information via our newsletters, email or social media accounts. Your data may also be used to personalise your shopping experience on the website or seek your feedback regarding our services. We do not sell mailing lists or customer information to any other third-party companies.

Information collected
To place an order, there is some information we require. Namely, your name, delivery address, email address, credit card number, card security code and expiry date. Once the payment has been processed, your credit card security code is not retained on our servers.

To receive our newsletters and emails, we require only your email address. To enable your order to be delivered, we must share your contact details with the selected postal carrier.

If you contact us with an enquiry, we will record your name, email address and, optionally, your order number and postcode, for the purposes of resolving your query.


As you browse the website, cookies may be placed on your computer. These allow the website to function normally, allow us to present specific information that is useful to you (recommendations of your favourite artists or genres for instance), collect analytics data, facilitate our affiliate scheme, and tailor advertising.

The cookies used on are of two types:

· Strictly necessary cookies, used for normal functioning of the website. For example, staying logged-in.

· Non-essential cookies. These cookies are used for analytics and advertising.

The website is secured with an SSL Certificate, so you can be sure that your activity cannot be tracked by unauthorised third-parties. All activities on the website are encrypted in your browser before they are sent to us.

Right to information
You may request that confirm via email what personal data is being held on you and how that data is being used. Once we receive your emailed request you can expect a reply within 30 days.