Ralph McDonald / Foxy – Jam On the Groove / Get Off You Aaahh And Dance (TK Disco) 12″


On the A-side Mr.K kicks off with a heavyweight edit of a stone cold b-boy / club classic! The legendary, late Ralph McDonald’s (RIP) ‘Jam on the groove’ has long been a staple source of nourishment for hungry samplers and it’s stripped back, calypso influenced percussion breakdowns have found themselves being cut up by numerous DJ’s at clubs and block parties since it’s original release in 1976. Here, Mr.K brings that killer breakdown right up front, rearranging the track in a way that gives us all the meat! This is a truly pared back edit, those with keen ears will recognise a wealth of samples that have been jacked from mr McDonald’s drum-kit. This is one cut you can either hustle to or head-spin to! Hot, hot, hot….

The B-side see’s Miami’s FOXY and their ‘Get off your aaah & dance’ get the Mr.K editing block treatment. Kicking off with some tight drums with a heavy Latin influence this cut rolls along so smooth, giving way to a super funky pairing of guitars and flutes. FOXY are another group whose catalogue has been plundered by sample savvy producers over the years. This particular track is Disco heaven, beautifully produced and arranged, it flows along and will certainly cause some dance-floor tremors! A track for dancers, 100%, gracefully tweaked by Mr.K in just the right way! Essential business! File under – *Grown-up Disco

Of course, Danny Krivit’s edits are always done in the proper manner, from the point of view of someone who has lived, breathed and played this music for the best part of 50 years. 100% legit re-edits, from Danny’s personal collection, remastered and released in conjunction with Henry Stone Music / TK Disco – Miami FL.

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A1. Ralph Macdonald – A Jam On The Groove (Danny Krivit Edit)

B1. Foxy – Get Off Your Aaahh And Dance (Danny Krivit Edit)

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