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An Interview With Olly Salter – DJ & Collector – South Coast

Olly Salter- DJ and Vinyl Collector

What were your favourite record shops back in the day?

Movement records (Southampton) record shop below M2 clothing (Bournemouth) Uptown records (London) Black Market records (London)

Was there a record store that made you feel uncomfortable?

There were a few places that could be a bit clicky back in the day, solution was to walk out and take my money elsewhere.

Is there a particular memory of a mission trying to find a certain record?

Driving to Bournemouth straight after an all-nighter as I heard there were promos of Pete Heller – Big Love coming in (there was a huge buzz for this record pre release) I was one of the lucky ones to nab a copy!

What was the best bargain find you remember?

Really difficult to say, I’ve picked a few absolute bargains up over the years. Top tip…. Always have a good look through record shops that do NOT specialize in your chosen genre… They could have gold and not know it’s worth.. (less likely now after the Discogs era)

Is there a certain record that sticks in your head that someone in a record store recommended to you & you’ll be ever thankful for?

James Zabeila recommended Spiller – the Miami EP with a track called Groovejet on, I loved it and played it to death, always got a decent reaction but no one running up to ask what it was, couple of months later it blew up and everyone asked for it, by this time I was fed up of playing it…

Who was the best salesman, biggest character?

In a record shop it would have to be Jonny B at movement records. But the biggest character I ever knew actually sold records to the shops and was A&R for a popular label, I remember driving round London often parking illegally whilst Jon Coomer used to run in the shops offloading as much as he could, think selling sand to Egyptians….

Did you ever work in a record store or distributor, if so any fond memory that sticks out?

Yes, for a very short time but the buying budget was measly so it was never going to work out. I think I lasted 3 weeks and i myself was my best customer.

What’s better, being sent a record for free, or going to search and buy a record?

Hmmmm I was lucky enough to get on a few mailing lists in the late 90s early 00s and it’s a bit like Christmas when you get sent a promo from one of your favourite producers that you never knew was coming, that said the buzz of running round the record shops searching for that one must have record is a roller coaster of emotions and when you find it, it’s like winning the lottery…. I’m 50/50 there.

What record are you currently waiting for in anticipation to come out on vinyl, if any?

The new Al Kent – Loving You – MDD gold. pre ordered in November 2021

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