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An Interview With The Patchouli Brothers – Producers/DJs – Toronto.

What were your favourite record shops back in the day?

Back in the day isn’t that far back for us! Our first experiences were for soul records in secondhand/charity shops. Nothing rare or grail worthy. Just solid records! but the most memorable visits to shops for us include London’s Love Vinyl, Brooklyn’s Superior Elevation, Montreal’s Sonorama and Aux 33 Tours and Toronto’s very own Cosmos!

Was there a record store that made you feel uncomfortable?

I think only the positive ones have stuck, honestly. Nothing stands out! We’ve repressed the negativity, maybe?

Is there a particular memory of a mission trying to find a certain record?

Not a particular record, per se, but hunting down as much dollar bin disco in Brooklyn was the goal of one trip. We packed our car with as much as we could fit in, and being dollar bin finds, we didn’t have to worry about the USA/Canada border fees being a problem, haha.

What was the best bargain find you remember?

We’ve never really sought after the grails. We’ve always been more attracted to b-sides and album cuts! Underrated, and therefore undervalued gems!

Is there a certain record that sticks in your head that someone in a record store recommended to you & you’ll be ever thankful for?

Disco Soccer, by Buari. We’re both big Sidiku Buari fans, thanks mainly to a knowledgeable clerk in Montreal’s Sonorama shop! Lead us down a wicked afro disco rabbit hole.

Who was the best salesman, biggest character?

Ryan, the guy who ran J Poison Records in Kensington Market, Toronto, was definitely the best salesman. He always had some cool Canadian content to recommend and puts you in a direction you might not have thought of.

What’s better, being sent a record for free, or going to search and buy a record?

Who gets free records anymore?! Unless they’re our own edits or remixes, we’re rarely fortunate enough to be given anything, but even when we are involved we don’t necessarily always get a copy! Haha. The thrill of the find is a better feeling.

What record are you currently waiting for in anticipation to come out on vinyl, if any?

It’s already out, but we’ve not grabbed it yet. The Disco Gospel release by Sadar Bahar and Marc Davies on Mr. Bongo. Really excited for that!

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