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Week 35 Vinyl Round Up

The week has been dominated by a new Space Grapes -Jeroboam -Turn Down The Lights. It carries on with the usual Space Grapes sound of excellent live sounding disco. Very limited, so as they say in the adverts ‘while stocks last’! Keeping with the disco tip we have Carmen – Throw Down which is a reissue from mid 80’s. If you are rocking that 80’s disco boogie sound then this is for you. The South Africa label Aweh I have a soft spot for and this time they have given us a proto house acid afro mash up, a modern day ‘yeke yeke’. I can imagine this getting the crowd going with the African chanting and the squelch of the 303, check it out. A new Gamm is always welcome and this time we have Delfonic with his Berlin Reworks. I couldn’t identify any of the originals so that’s a good thing, it’s 4 tracks of very good jazz filled disco.

On a Japanese tip, we have Speed Of Sound with Satoshi and the Mix Out Session . While there is a perfectly nice and solid deep house cut on the a side i purchased it for the downtempo Balearic cuts on the flip, pure bliss.

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