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Week 30 Round Up, including Gamm Records, Les Imprimes and Eddie C.

2 very hot 45’s in this week but quite different. Kicking off we have Eddie C on Red Motorbike -D8 with the Rane, who with his mid tempo chugging cut n’ paste style production has delivered again. This is a wicked little 7″ and truly infectious DJ record. On a more melancholy note we have the 2nd 45 from Les Imprimes – Falling Away on NYC’s Big Crown records. Solid hip hop style beats with lush instrumentation and vocals. Gamm are as prolific as ever and this week we picked a new one- Art of Tones gives us 3 Woman EP with 3 storming disco cuts with very polished production values. The Drum Chums series continues with a very interesting and different 4 tracker of Balearic inspired mid tempo disco from Bobby Snacks. I couldn’t tell you what any of the edits are of, which in my mind is a good thing. You can imagine someone like Luke Una raving about this release and given that Bobby Snacks is a Stockport lad, he probably is. On a restock not we have load of Soopastole restocks and Breaks & Beats. Also we are expecting every Galaxy Sound Co. release that’s still in print back in stock so worth grabbing before they are all gone.

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