Elkin & Nelson -Jibaro – Danielle Baldelli & Dionigi Version (Mushroom Pillow) 7″


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Dive into the timeless groove of “Jibaro” by Elkin & Nelson, rejuvenated with an electrifying version and dub by the dynamic duo Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi. Known for their partnership in crafting the legendary Cosmic Sound, Baldelli and Dionigi bring their signature magic to this Balearic classic.

Transport yourself to the iconic era of The Ha├žienda, as Baldelli’s innovative approach to DJing and production infuses “Jibaro” with an irresistible late-night twist. Picture the indie rave vibe pulsating through the dance floor, as the duo’s dubbed-out sound breathes new life into this track while retaining its Balearic essence.

As pioneer of the Italian disco scene, Baldelli alongside Dionigi continue to push boundaries with their eclectic, tribal aesthetic. From their own label Pedivelle Records to collaborations with Eskimo Recordings remixing renowned artists like Holger Czukay and Torch Song, their influence spans continents and genres.

Embrace the fusion of past and present as Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi’s reimagination of “Jibaro” takes listeners on a journey through time and space.

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B: Dub

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