Witch -Movin On (Sharp Flat) LP


Sourced from the analog master tapes for the first time, Sharp-Flat presents the WITCH disco albums as you’ve never heard them before in sleeves that replicate the original album artwork.

Over the course of the 1970s, WITCH delivered an impressive run of garage, rock and prog releases. By 1980, the band was ready for a new chapter. Shuffling their lineup and relocating to Zimbabwe, they undertook their mythical transformation into an African R&B, soul and funk powerhouse. With access to a state of the art recording studio in Harare, WITCH produced two exquisite albums from 1980 to 1984.

With crisp beats, funky bass, swirling synths and tight horns, 1980’s Movin’ On was a sharp departure from the group’s Zamrock roots and made no bones about the fact that the WITCH was ready to embrace the sound and spirit of a new decade. Trading lead vocals with founding member Chris Mbewe are newcomers Christine Jackson and Stanford Tembo, making for a well rounded set that combines dance floor burners with mid-tempo boogie grooves. A carefully crafted, great sounding album from a seasoned ensemble, Movin’ On is an African pop classic.

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Movin On


To Be Felt



It Was You Boy



I’m Coming Back



My Desire



You Are My Sunshine



It Feels So Good



Lets Get Together

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