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David Alexrod, The Chemical Brothers, Rune Lundbaek and El Michels Affair & Black Thought Music in Week 18’s Round-Up

el michels & black thought - glorious game - soul LP vinyl

Our focus has always been on stocking on what we like and while Hip Hop isn’t something we really normally buy in – this album was the exception El Michels Affair & Black Thought – Glorious Game. Black Thought from the roots over the superb jazzy instrumentals of El Michels Affair is just a wonderous way to fill an hour of your life. On the 45 tip we have a lovely cover of Brenda Russell’s ‘In The Thick Of It’ by Ernie & The Family McKone. Well worth a listen to both sides, and essential if you don’t have the original version. On the re-issue front we have the master David Axelrod – Heavy Axe on Craft. If you have never heard this album then you’ve got to listen to it especially ‘everything counts’ which is just epic. On the edit front with have an interesting 4 tracker of disco/80’s vibed edits from Rune Lindbaek which is worth checking if you are searching for a different take. On the electronic front we have the new single from The Chemical Brothers – No reason on limited red vinyl. They have missing in action for a decade on the recording front so nice to see them return. Very much a big room sound and probably one for the die hard Chemical Brothers collectors.

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